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Poseidon Cleaning specialises in property cleaning based in Waterlooville, Hampshire. We have the equipment and the skills to put the shine back into your home.
We minimise the use of harsh chemicals and do the majority of our work from the ground, without the use of ladders, using modern water fed pole systems and other long reach systems to improve safety, efficiency and privacy.

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Gutter, fascia & soffit cleaning

Seasonal cleaning of gutters fascias and soffits not only has your home looking good, keeping your gutters clear can prevent storm water ingress into your home.

The image shows the radical results which can be achieved in this shot of cleaning in progress.

Driveway, path & patio cleaning

We clean most paved surfaces, concrete, blocks, cobbles, stone, ceramic, as well as wood and composite decking.

We offer soft washing and pressure washing, depending on the surface and contaminants.

Window cleaning

Pure water, water fed pole cleaning systems for spotlessly clean windows and frames every time. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We offer a maintenance window cleaning service so your windows and frames are always spotlessly clean.

Conservatory roof cleaning

We also clean conservatory roofs and solar/pv panels on request.

These are not cleaned as part of your regular maintenance clean unless specifically requested as most people choose to clean them less often than their windows.

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How Gocardless works

Easy online payments

We trust Gocardless™ to facilitate safe, secure online payments for your convenience.

There is no scrambling for cash at awkward times, making our service to you smooth and efficient.

Gocardless™ is easy to set up and manage for both recurring or one off payments. We send you a unique link when you accept our quote and we have carried out the work. You set up payments including amount, and you receive notification 3 days before any money goes out of your account.

Instant Bank Pay™ by Gocardless™, powered by open banking, is available for one off online payments.


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